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myriamodem node small.jpgMyriaModem is a family of wireless sensor network products and services, based around the inexpensive MyriaModem node electronics board. Together with the MyriaModem firmware it is possible to quickly deploy very large MyriaNed™ networks.

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The MyriaModem™ is MyriaNed™ based. We named our version MyriaModem due to the possibility of wireless and UART communication.

The key features of the MyriaNed wireless network protocol are: low power and ad hoc and highly scalable. These advantages of MyriaNed are best demonstrated in large networks. These MESH networks exists of grid nodes and/of sensor nodes. For the communication "Gossip" was developed to make sure that small messages will always receive their goal. Read more at the MyriaModem menu entry.

The possibilities with such a network are huge. Therefore we developed and sell our MyriaModem Edukit so that you can learn more about MyriaNed™. With the hardware, software, libraries, IDE, examples and documentation in it you have a solid base and easy startpoint to learn all about it with this MyriaModem EduKit. And if you need some ideas take a look at our recent projects.
Marketing partners are welcome to join us: if you see potential in an application field, we can develop this MyriaNed application so you can market it.

New Products

MyriaModem EduKit set of wireless sensor nodes with firmware
code: mm-edu
price: € 799.00 (€ 966.79 with 21% VAT)
MyriaModem wireless sensor node
code: mm-mod
price: € 59.00 (€ 71.39 with 21% VAT)
DisplayMyriaModem wireless sensor node with display
code: mm-dis
price: € 79.00 (€ 95.59 with 21% VAT)
Temperature Sensor temperature sensor suitable for Myriamodem applications
code: mm-temp
price: € 27.00 (€ 32.67 with 21% VAT)